Red Cain is a Calgary based Canadian metal band. After having released 3 singles last year, March 1st finally marks the release date of their album “Kindred: Act I”. Since I have been very negligent on album reviews and feel this band needs to be highlighted, here we go.

The band started off in 2016 and consists of Evgeniy Zayarny on vox, Noah Bockmuehl on guitars, Rogan McAndrews on bass and Taylor Gibson on drums. The second guitarist on the album is Brendan Dall. The 7-track album is a self release and includes said 3 singles.

Snakebouquet“, the first single, released a year ago,  starts things off. Guitar, drum and bass set the mood. European style power metal riffs. Then Evgeniy tunes in and I am more reminded of a progressive style metal. Check out the video:

Midnight Sarabande” is a masterpiece of prog composition with it’s guitars, bass and drums pumping the beat, reminding me of the European prog metal albums that have been released in the past few months.

Zero” is a tad slower but nonetheless powerful. The longest song on the album with a little over 6 minutes, this was the second single to be released last year. Check it out:

Blood and Gold“, the shortest song of the album, could technically be considered the ballad of the album. The power and emotion behind this song had me under it’s spell after sneaking into my ears and causing my head to bob. The guitar playing of this song will have that air guitar unpacked in no time and Evgeniy somehow manages to put more and more power into his singing as the song progresses. The track is kind of hypnotic and is definitely one of my favorites off the album.

Juliet” gets us back into the melodic prog, almost metalcore like rhythm and has head and leg in movement. Listen to this song on the next Metal Watson Radio Show with Rob on Feb 23rd on Metal Crash Radio.

All Is Violence” starts in Russian and comes in pretty brutal compared to all the previous songs. I have heard a lot of progressive bands that actually sound more metalcore / groove metal than prog and this one goes towards that division line without crossing it. Well done.

Wing of the Crow” is the third single that was released and features Kobra Paige from Kobra and the Lotus. The song differs a bit from the other tracks and is pure metal. And Kobra’s voice is just awesome, but Evgeniy doesn’t need to hide and together they strike a great singing duo. Yeah, this is my favorite track. Check it out:

Throughout the whole album Evgeniy’s vocals are very clear and understandable, unlike some “prog” bands that cross that divide I mentioned earlier. I like this. The guitar playing is just phenomenal and bass and drums also deserve their praise. Not for fans of death, thrash or black metal genres, but definitely if you like Ghost, Kamelot, Avantasia or Amaranthe, this belongs in your collection.

Check out the band on Facebook and Twitter @RedCainArmy and BUY THIS ALBUM!