Bishop Lake – When Lucifer Fell


As promised in the Germetal gig review, here the Bishop Lake CD review.

Bishop Lake consist of Zane on vocals, Glen Williams on bass, David Prince and Sam Abernathy on guitars and Rick Gatheman on drums. The band has been around since 2011/12 and have released an EP and the album “The Meritocracy of Hell” in 2014. This is their third recording and it rocks.

The album consists of 7 songs:

  • Esteemed in Darkness
  • When Lucifer Fell
  • Angel No More
  • Witches Lullaby
  • Vampire Bitch
  • 1985
  • Ouija Board Diagnostics

The album is pure heavy metal from front to back and reminds me a lot of the energetic heavy metal acts around in the 90’s. The first song “Esteemed in Darkness” starts off with a hard groove. Heavy metal guitars at their finest. Zane’s voice fits in perfectly and the CD gets going from the first second. The short guitar solo is perfectly played and situated in the song. This is the single off of the album and has it’s own video.

“When Lucifer Fell” starts with the guitar and as the rest of the band kicks in, has a slight Sabbath touch. This song is a bit slower than the first but does not lack the heaviness of a metal band.

“Angel No More” is the shortest song on the album, I like the refrain part. The band vocals harmonize in perfect synchronicity.

After the shortest song, comes the longest, “Witches Lullaby”. Six and a half minutes of pure metal with a catchy guitar riff throughout the song. The whole mix of guitars, bass, drums and vocals is perfect. The guitar solo is longer than on the other tracks and invites the listener to play along on the air guitar. This guy knows his axe, awesome.

“Vampire Bitch” is a catchy tune with a kind of boogie rock touch. Probably my favorite song off of the album. Bass and drums rule this song more than the guitars, but the guitar solo is in every song (this is what metal should be).

“1985” and “Ouija Board Diagnostics” round up the album. The latter is actually a song off of their previous album “The Meritocracy of Hell”, which was re-recorded for this album. The remake fits in with the rest of the album, althoigh I like the original version better (sounds more like Judas Priest).

If you are looking for pure metal, this band is for you. They list their influences among others as Danzig, Ozzy and Ramones and totally fit in with these bands. Zane’s vocals are easy to understand, the guitar solos are kick ass and the instrumental harmony is professional. This band is on their way up.

You can check them out on Facebook, ReverbNation and BandCamp, where you can also buy all their releases. Also, on their homepage. Metal Watson loves this album!